NDW50 Wk 14: Chocolate covered coffee beans to the rescue (wc 13.02.17)

What am I doing?

21 miles, 3:31:36, 10:05 min/mile, 1,880ft elevation gain

Early Saturday morning fuelled with coffee & oatmeal I headed out to explore another section of the North Downs Way. My aim is to have covered as much of the 50 mile route before race day as possible. I hope that a knowledge & understanding of the route will be a massive phycological boost. (Although sometimes I wonder if knowing about the hills in advance really is worth it…)

Simply put, this was one of the most challenging & hardest runs I have ever done.


Where it all begins…

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NDW50 Wk3: Exploring the NDW because I didn’t feel like w*rking on a Monday… (wc 28.11.16)

Monday morning wasn’t happening. You know those days when you could sit at your desk for hours but yet wouldn’t achieve a single thing? Yep, that. So at about midday I thought sod it, pulled on my running kit, filled a bottle with some Tailwind, grabbed a couple of snacks, packed my bag, jumped in the car & 45 minutes later I was at Reigate Viewpoint & hitting the NDW…

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NDW50 Wk1: Six months to go… AKA ‘Week One’ (wc 13.11.16)

Six months…

Sunday 13th November

In six months time I will be running 50 miles. Help me.

Sunday was the second Striders marathon training run of the season, the Coulsdon 11 that was actually 12… 8:15am on a Sunday morning about 20 runners gathered at East Croydon, jumped on a train to Coulsdon Town & ran back to Croydon through Farthing Downs & the Happy Valley.

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