I started this blog back in November 2016 at the beginning of what I thought would be a once in a lifetime adventure. I was wrong.

That summer I’d done something a little silly. I entered a 50 mile race.  I’d not run further than marathon distance & at the time I was injured. I suppose you could say I entered on a whim. I was an injured road runner about to embark on 50 mile trail race along the North Downs Way. I didn’t even own trail shoes. I started writing this to document my journey.

Only the inevitable happened.

I crossed the finish line & almost immediately signed up for another 50 miler. And another. And then a 100km. Before I knew it my once-in-a-lifetime adventure had become my life. I’d found my home in the trail & ultra world. I found the thing that bought me joy & satisfaction. I relished the challenge, the difficulty, the toughness. I liked pushing my body to extreme to see what I was capable of. I found my community, my tribe.

In the early days I documented all of my training, after all I was never going to do this again. Now I just drop in & out occasionally, write about my races, the things I love. It’s become somewhat cathartic, both the running & the writing. It’s my story, my memories.

Feel free to share them with me.