My Next Challenge…

I run a lot. 

And I do mean a lot. But if you’re a regular here, you know this already!

It’s my down time, my me time. It’s where I go to think, plan, reflect & dream.

I love running…

Running has become such an important part of my life & has helped make me a stronger person all round.

©Stuart March Photography

Which is why I am delighted to be putting my passion for running to good use.

On 12th June I am running Centurion Runnings South Downs Way 100 – 100 miles from Winchester to Eastbourne. This was my first 100 mile race in 2019 [LINK to post] but this time round there is a twist… I am running the South Downs Way 100 to raise money for Feed London.

I rarely ask for sponsorship for my running as it feels disingenuous asking people to sponsor me to have fun.

However, today I AM going to ask you to sponsor me to run. In fact, I’m going to beg & plead with you to sponsor me & in case you don’t want to read any further, here is the link to my fundraising page.

So, Who are Feed London?

Over a third of London’s children are living in poverty – that’s over 700,000 children – as many as Scotland and Wales combined (CPAG).

COVID-19 has devastated their lives – during the last lockdown 35% missed at least one meal per day and went three days without eating any fresh vegetables or fruit.

Feed London, by the UK charity Miracles support 1000s of children & their families during the school holidays. They provide essential Feed London Food Boxes that include fresh & healthy ingredients along with recipes for sustainable healthy eating ideas, a supermarket voucher, personalised family support packages, treats for the children & much more.

Feed London’s vision is that no child, living in poverty, should ever have to go without access to fresh food and should never have to miss a meal whatever their circumstances.

Feed London believes every child deserve the best opportunities in life and we will actively fight for and support all legislation that introduces real equality and fairness into their lives.

At home on the South Downs Way

This is where I ask for your support…

In reality, this is not about me running 100 miles, this is about supporting children in London in desperate need. 

This is a cause that is close to my heart. It’s London, my home city, one of the richest places in the world. It’s 2021, NO child should be going hungry & it makes me so angry that they are.

Here’s my begging & pleading bit. 

I want to raise £3,000 to help feed these children this summer. 

PLEASE sponsor me & help end hunger & poverty in London. You can do do here:

To find out more about Feed London & their amazing work please do hop over to their website & socials.

My Background

If you’re here because you are interested in this challenge & you don’t know my running background, here’s a quick summary.

I am a long-distance trail runner. I’m at my happiest in my shorts & trail shoes, a bottle of water & a bag of snacks on my back somewhere out on the North or South Downs. I love exploring & love the adventure of the trails; of finding new routes, new paths, hills, mud, woods & views for miles. 

Ask me to get to, let’s say Farnham, or Eastbourne, from home in Croydon, I wouldn’t have a clue how to drive there by road but I could run there via the trails of Surrey, West & East Sussex. Getting lost & finding my way as I explore somewhere new is all part of the adventure.

You can follow me over the next six weeks on Strava & Instagram. I will also be blogging updates as I go. 

For more information about the excellent work of Feed London, please do check out their website.

I have two goals for the race, firstly finish in under 24 hours & secondly to raise £3000 an absolutely fantastic cause.

I LOVE a challenge. I’m really excited about this challenge, but more than anything I am delighted to be supporting a charity who do excellent work that makes a difference to so many people’s lives.

Please do consider supporting them.

Right, 6 weeks to go, I’m off for a run…..

The Pitman Family

“The Pitman family have four beautiful children but their world fell apart when two of them were diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. They need constant medical attention but their single Mum has no means to support them.

She cannot afford any help which makes going out difficult now that both children are wheelchair users.

The last few months have been exceptionally traumatic with the eldest being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 & the whole family being affected by worsening Asthma symptoms brought on by damp in their home.

The family is battling against incredible financial hardship not helped by the cost of frequent trips to hospitals. The lack of basic nutrition is having a terrible impact all on their daily lives both emotionally & physically.”

Referred by the hospital, Feed London has provided the Pitman family with support, fresh food & much, much more. 

This is more than just food aid, it’s giving a whole family hope.

Story & photo reproduced with permission from Feed London.

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