NDW50 Wk 23: Zero (wc 17.04.17)

0 miles, 0:00:00, 0:00 min/mile, 0ft elevation gain

This will be a short post. Three weeks out from race day & zero miles this week.

After the disaster (okay, maybe a little exaggeration) of Cannock Chase last week I decided that if I am to make the start line fit I needed to rest the sore foot / tendonitis / whatever it may be.

After nearly six months of training, the start line is most definitely my priority. As I’ve said before, the bulk of my training is done, yes, ideally I do want to get in a couple more long-runs, I do want to recce the last ten miles (the only section I haven’t) but to be honest, these runs are not going to make a huge difference to my fitness or my ability to complete the 50 miles. An injury will.

I may not have run but I have definitely not been lazy!

5.5km in the pool including a tough interval session of 10X 50m fast / 50m recovery (is it possible to sweat whilst swimming?) & a 3km ‘long’ swim. Swimming has been active recovery for the last few months. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy proper workouts in the pool. It felt great to focus on my technique & get a little speed going again.

Over four hours of strength & conditioning work including core work, weighted squats, walking lunges, deadlifts, reverse lunges & endless calf raises. My muscles were on FIRE this week!

Two 30-minute interval sessions & a mammoth TWO hour ‘long-run’ on the elliptical – If I have the mental strength for two hours on the elliptical trainer, I have the mental strength to run 50 miles!

My bike also came out of it’s winter hibernation for a cycle commute to a meeting on Friday morning. I’ve been cycling to the pool every week over the winter but this was the first proper ride for a few months. An 11 mile bonus workout!

And one nice, relaxing yoga class!

I may not have run, but I feel as if I had a really good, strong week of workouts & every session will be of benefit on the North Downs Way. From the cardio workouts in the pool, the endurance on the elliptical & the strength training that will power me up the hills it has by no means been wasted time.

I’m hopeful that by the end of the coming week I will be back in my trainers but I am not going to rush it.

The start line is within sight.

Week Twenty Three: 0 miles in total with 0 ft elevation gain.

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