Plantar b*****y fasciitis was not in the plan…

THANKFULLY it is only very mild. I have no pain, just discomfort. I appear to have caught it early, although to be fair if I hadn’t ignored the niggle in my foot for the past two months I would have caught it even earlier & may not be writing this post…

Where did it come from? Who knows. I was first aware of a discomfort in my left foot back in December. I’d spent four hours dancing in heels on the Friday night, followed by cross-country on the Saturday & a 12 mile trail run with the Striders on the Sunday. Mid-way through the 12 miles I was aware of a slight discomfort. It never went away. But then again, it never really hindered me. It’s not painful, it doesn’t hurt to press, it is as the podiatrist said nothing to be overly concerned with & there is absolutely no reason to stop running.

Thank God.

So I have strengthening exercises to do & I’m getting some custom orthotics as I’m over-pronating quite a lot again, even whilst wearing supportive shoes.

What was interesting, well to me, was that on the treadmill whilst he was looking at my technique, my trail Hoka’s felt so much better on my feet than my road Asic’s, even on a surface they’re not intended for…

And the plus point? Because there is ALWAYS a positive! My biomechanics are good & my running technique is generally good. A couple of minor improvements, very slightly over-striding (though no where near as much as I used to) & I need to start lifting my trailing leg a little earlier but in general he was very complimentary about my running style. The hard work I’ve done over the years to correct poor technique is obviously working!


My poor foot...

My poor foot…

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