The XNRG Humanity Direct Ultra, aka the 50km training run

I *totally* get the irony of calling a 50km race a training run, but that is exactly what the XNRG Humanity Direct Ultra was. On the 10th March, four weeks before the SDW50, I lined up on the start line ready for my longest ‘training’ run & what would hopefully become my second longest run ever. Oh, it was also my ‘birthday’ run… What better way to celebrate turning 38 the next day than to run 50km! Continue reading

NDW50 Wk 17: Thames Meander Marathon (wc 06.03.17)

The most spectacular positive split…

26.2 miles, 4:17:34, 9:49 min/mile, 0ft elevation gain (ha ha ha ha ha!)

When you discover a London based marathon organised by the excellent Hermes Races that is on your actual birthday the temptation to enter is just too great… Originally I entered telling myself that it would be a good training run, albeit one with aid stations & a medal at the end! Continue reading

NDW50 Wk2: Three Molehills AKA Three MAHOOSIVE Hills… (wc 20.11.16)

So this was, if you like, my first NDW training race. Oh. What have I let myself in for…

Three Molehills, aka ‘three massive hills’. It’s a race with a difference. Teams of three compete over the three hills in the Mole Valley: Box Hill, Norbury Park & Ranmore, starting & finishing at Denbies vineyard. Each team member picks a hill to run. Or, if you’re crazy you run the whole thing as an individual… Uh huh… Yep. crazy here…

14.3 miles, 2:14:36, 9:22 min/mile, Elevation 1,573ft (aka high…).

1188 Continue reading